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E-levy: “Bible doesn’t forbid payment of taxes but… ” – Ps Nelson Aho


Some of the Retired Bishop Ayensu’s political comments state.. ‘Mahama will not win 2024 presidential elections to repeal controversial E-levy’, this was after the former president of Ghana John Dramani Mahama, now potent and likely to be presidential candidate for strong opposition party in Ghana, National Democratic Congress(NDC) assured Ghanaians, he will cancel the NPP government’s controversial policy if he’s voted into power in the forthcoming elections.

Founder of Galilean Prayer Ministry International and Aid A Child Ghana, Ps Nelson Aho has slammed Rtd Bishop Bosomtwe-Ayensu for engaging in partisan politics.

According to Ps Nelson, Rtd Bishop Ayensu has deviated from the work of God;
Therefore, Methodist Church Ghana’s press release of disassociating themselve from Ayensu’s political comments confirms his stance.

On Atoobu FM Super Mega Morning Show on May 13th, 2022, Ps Nelson who rated Christian Council of Ghana zero percent (0%) for their works, duties toward national development affirmed, the Bible does not forbid paying of taxes but there is a responsibility of the church and pastors.

He said there is nothing wrong with Rtd Bishop Ayensu’s desire for tax payment(E-Levy);
But what job has the pastors and churches created for members to do? He queries.

“The Bible is not against our responsibility of paying taxes. Jesus Christ paid tax in the Bible. He ordered his followers to go and catch fish, which is scaled with money to settle tax debt.
But the problem is, what job have we(pastors) created or seeked for the people in our outfit to do for money to pay tax?
Pastors earn monthly salaries; Offerings, tithes gathered from the members are used to pay them, their children are admitted into quality schools. Again members donate food stuffs to fill mission houses but hardly stewards think about them.

We don’t think about the type of water, school, hospital, food etc they(church members) enjoy.” – Ps Nelson

“If we(pastors) are ordered to pay tax on the offerings we earn weekly in the church, everybody will hear our noise.”

He concluded by cautioning stewards to meditate the Bible well to know God’s purpose for their call. He hinted that, the work, responsibilities of pastors must be purely about improving the lives of people and communities they live in.


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