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GFA secures Manual Substitution Boards for RFAs


Regional Football Associations of the Ghana Football Association have been equipped with the supply of manual substitution boards to be used in the various regional league centres, the FA has announced.

The Ghana Football Association (GFA) has announced the purchase of one hundred (100) manual substitution boards to be distributed among the various regional football association of the GFA as part of it’s “game changing” agenda which seeks to instill a sense of professionalism in all levels of football football administration in Ghana.

The Association acquired a couple of electronic substitution board for both the lower and upper divisions of the fame across the country, and the have now added on a century of manual boards to ensure that hilarious scenes that used to be seen at various football centres at the regional levels in the country become a thing of the past.

GFA secures new manual substitution boards for lower division games.
For the records, in a National Division One League (DOL) match between Sporting Mirren and Vision FC played at the Mats Teshie park – Accra in July 2017, it was widely reported in the local media that match officials used a wooden substitution board for the game. The alleged board is seen with hand written inscriptions of “IN” and “OUT” along with figures believed to be the jersey numbers of the players being subbed. The inscriptions appeared to have been written with chalk which could be easily erased afterwards.

Then Chairman of the DOL, Owoahene Acheampong is reported to have said his outfit was investigating the matter to address it properly.

“The board is investigating the matter and will officially come out. We are waiting for the report of the referee and match commissioner“, he is quoted in an interview with sportsworldghana.com.

Despite the Board saying the said officials used “unauthorized” substitution boards, saying “plastic substitutions board have been provided at 48 league centers”, the incident brought a dint to the image of Ghana football and the current FA administration seems to be working to make such developments remain history.

Wooden substitution board allegedly used Ghana lower division football match in 2017

Wooden substitution board allegedly used in a Ghana lower division game in 2017.
The GFA has secured the 100 pieces of manual substitution boards for the lower division games, and “Referees Manager at the Association, Mr. Alex Kotey confirmed receipt of the substitution boards during the presentation of FIFA Badges to referees at the GFA Secretariat last Wednesday”.

“We have taken delivery of 100 manual substitution boards to be distributed to the RFA’s and some league centres in the division one and Women’s Premier League without substitution boards.

“It is our aim to enhancing refereeing and as we keep on equipping referees. The referees also use the electronic boards and we hope to buy more of it.’ Alex Kotey explained, speaking to the GFA media.

According to the FA, “These interventions by the GFA, are aimed at improving refereeing to enhance their performance across competitions

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