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‘I will give Ghana Christian Council zero percent(0%)’ for their duties toward national development’ – Ps Nelson Aho.


Ghana Christian Council rated lowest for their roles toward national development by a Ghanaian Pastor, Nelson Aho, founder of Galilean Prayer Ministry and Aid A Child Ghana, International.

Ps Nelson on Atoobu FM Super Mega Morning Show on May 13th, 2022 said, he will give the Christian Council of Ghana zero percent for their works, responsibilities toward the development of the nation as a Christian body.

He has earlier stated, retired Bishop Ayensu has deviated from God’s call.

During his justification to his stance on Methodist Church Ghana retired Bishop Bosomtwe-Ayensu’s political comments, Ps Nelson believes responsibilities and works of pastors especially the Christian Council of Ghana toward national development are left untouched.

“I will give Christian council zero percent. God gave us human beings and not animals to steward. So the lives of the church members handed to us(Pastors) by God must be our priority because we will be accounted for.
Today, we care not about children of God(church members). If we go to meetings, we only think about pastors, their wives and children. We don’t discuss how we can develop the communities and towns we are living in;

We are called for the good works, so if pastors are going to lead in seeking for the development of the country, the politicians will definitely follow. If we say we’re the light and darkness(poverty, health issues, unemployment, sufferings etc) are engulfing the lives of the people we preach to, then we are deceiving ourselves.” – Ps Nelson

According to Ps Nelson, Pastors must be blamed for the struggles of Ghanaians for they nurture and gloom corrupt leaders to lead the nation

“I will urge God’s stewards to read the Bible well and honor the expected responsibilities. if we are going to deal with the politicians we have nurtured then we are mistaking, if they are corrupt, it is because of our training and teachings. Politicians go to church so how have we(pastors) nurtured them, to be stealing any how when they are into government?” – Ps Nelson.

He cautions pastors to largely examine their work to resist hell

“We should critically examine what we(pastors) have produced else, we will go to hell.
Cleaningess in the country should be pastors’ sole duty.
Detrounomy 23:12-14 says, God doesn’t want to see filthy environment during His visit to us. This is in our Bible (pastors) not in the Country’s president or ministers book. We know God doesn’t like dirts so we(pastors) ought to lead this exercise.
If you stay in untidy environment to pray, God will never answer, we are just mocking ourselves. We are murderers if through dirt, we have left unconcerned in the community kills someone, we will never go to heaven.”

He continued….

” Pastors don’t teach members how to make the environment tidy but how to pay tithes, give offerings etc. So pastors must repent and draw back to their mandates” – Ps Nelson

He enlightened the public that, the work of God is purely about human beings, not building churches etc.


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