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Medikal’s Fella nearly joined her ancestors


Actress, Fella Makafui, passed out at her workplace and was rushed to the hospital on Friday, March 18th 2022 according to what we have gathered

She made this revelation via her Twitter account Saturday morning.

According to her, she woke up to realise she was in great danger and is, therefore, grateful for being alive after the incident.

As a result of this, she has resolved to take care of herself from now on to prevent any unforeseen event that she may regret.

“I saw my life flashed before my eyes yesterday!! The whole thing happened fast and if it was the opposite, I think that would’ve been it!! Went to work healthy and was rushed to the hospital in the afternoon. I woke up today grateful for life and most importantly learnt to Take care of myself first before anything!!

“I need to make time for my health, live life with no excuses (which I’m used to). I don’t want to die one day and regret not doing all the things I wished to do while I can!! Moral lesson of the day “TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF FIRST”!!”

The actress is known, largely, for her role in Yolo, a Ghanaian teenage TV series. She is married to the singer and rapper Medikal and they have a daughter called Island.

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