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Methodist Church Ghana’s release on Ayensu’s political comments confirms he’s deviated – Pastor Nelson Aho insists


Founder of Galilean Prayer Ministry and proprietor of First Choice Int. School, Pastor Nelson Aho has said Methodist Church Ghana release on retired Bishop Bosomtwe-Ayensu’s political comments confirms he is deviated from the work of God as he(Pastor Nelson Aho) stated on Atoobu FM 3PM news three days ago.

Bishop Ayensu, former Methodist Bishop for Obuasi took the media headlines after slamming Mahama for campaigning that he will repeal controversial E-levy if he wins power, 2024.

Bishop Ayensu said Mahama will not win 2024 general elections to cancel E-levy.
He also said, he only knows Mahama as a ‘dead goat’ president, when speaking to Neat FM’s morning show.

But the Methodist Church Ghana responded with a release disassociating themselve from Ayensu’s political submissions.

Atoobu FM Super Mega Morning Show speaking to Pastor Nelson Aho on May 13th, 2022, he said is good the Church has distanced from political comments made by Bishop Ayensu.

“It is good the Methodist Church has disassociated themselves from Ayensu’s political comments.
This means the position of the church is different from retired Bishop Ayensu. This confirms, he has diviated from the work and call of God. The church has shown such practice isn’t their mandate.” – Ps Nelson.

When put before Ps Nelson that, there is voting in the Bible…

“Anybody can quote the Bible to suit his/her actions even if the person wanted to kill. The voting in the Bible was done to elect qualified and good leaders to work to the greatness of God.
But elections conducted in Ghana isn’t best for a steward to openly involve himself/herself. It will be better to publicly declare yourself as politician after you have left the stewardship for everybody to know you are a politician rather than calling yourself a Bishop or pastor and still involve in active partisan politics.
It is wrong to abstain from duties of the church and be wallowing in partisan politics like what Bishop Ayensu has done.” – Ps Nelson

According to him, there is nowhere in the Bible that direct men of God to engage in active politics, however the church has tremendous role to play to ensure the nation’s development.

” There is nowhere in the Bible ordering Christians to do active politics, (God said we should pray and look for the development of the town, via that, we shall also develop.)
Churches are scattered allover Ghana. If pastors organize prayers, the members are going to commute to the prayer center, here is the case our road networks are deploralized.
If the town develops, we shall get good roads, portable water, quality education, health etc.” – Ps Nelson


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