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Populists NPP feigned Ghanaians over Colleges Allowance – Nanja Sanja.


The Member of Parliament for Atebubu-Amantin constituency, Hon Nanja Sanja has depicted the ruling party, New Patriotic Party as populist.

He said this on May 7, 2022 at ATECOE premises during Atebubu College of Education, Tertiary Education Institution Network(TEIN) official handing over with a theme,”TEIN, A tool of recapturing power 2024″

Hon Sanja, who was the guest speaker at the event believes Ghanaians where feigned by the New Patriotic Party during campaign in 2016 elections over students allowance at the national colleges.

Thus, the NPP promised of restoring colleges allowance to win ‘party favors’ from Ghanaians without considering details about the policy.

According to Hon Sanja, the National Democratic Congress(NDC) led by former President John Dramani Mahama cancelled the allowance for a purpose of increasing student admissions in the colleges.

He hinted, the NPP government is currently battling in fulfilling their promises. The students’ allowance isn’t fully paid. The sixty seven million Ghana cedis that was released following PRINCOF’s threat to feed not trainee teachers couldn’t settle all the debts owed by the government, he emphasized.

Hon Sanja affirmed, Ghana’s educational system needs to be reviewed and the NDC, who is known of championing quality education will be crowned victorious in 2024 to review and outway all the challenges in the sector.

He urged the incoming executives and the members of TEIN to be bold, work hard to win power in the forthcoming 2024 general elections.


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